Shingle Master Roofing has remarkable roof maintenance superior roofers.

Superb Katy perfection by our highly focused high tech master  technicians.

We have the right solutions for all your needed services that best meets all your needs in an organized and stress free manor for less out of pocket expence to you.

We offer  many SERVICES performed by our highly trained professionals that is reasonably priced with the best quality workmanship and materials.

We offer the most meticulous workmanship with reasonable prices using only state of the art high tech materials that money can buy. 
Installed by our dedicated knowledgeable highly skilled employees that enjoy what they do and how they do it.
Only the right way without wasting good materials. 
They protect your property from any damage from debris falling upon it with drop clothes and decking to alleviate breaking or damaging your possessions.

We do such exceptional workmanship for all your needs so we are sure you will become one of our life long customers along with your friends and relatives.
We also apply new top quality materials for your replacement or repairs.

 You need  perfection by our perfected services installers.

Highly knowledgeable Replacement roofers perfection.

Our installers are Highly knowledgeable replacement roofers lasting perfection. If your roof is showing any of the following signs, it may be an indicator that you need our services soon by providing a surface weather barrier on your home.
The following telltale signs we look for when determining what service needs to be performed. Cupped, curled, broken edges, torn, bald spots, moss growth, and dips in your roof caused by rotted decking.
We also look for worn physical appearance. 
We use only the best quality proven materials, products and roofers that money can buy for your home.  To ensure you have many years of maintenance free and leak free problems. Which adds many years of life expectancy to your homes interior as well as exterior by using Katy's most reliable Shingle Master Roofing.
For your free roof inspection call 713-628-4511.

Katy's  best Shingle Master Roofing is perfection and dedication like no other company for all your roof maintenance.

Durable quality perfectionist you can trust and count on.

We do the most comprehensive inspection that includes all possible future rain water penetration area's. I Regardless of what needs to be done we have the solutions to stop rain water from leaking into the interior of your home. Including current leaks to ensure you will enjoy a dry, mold free and maintenance free barrier for your home..
Free from the elements of severe storms and severe weather conditions for many years to come. 
When we inspect your entire house for leaks we are looking for the following visible problems with shingles.
Like loose, raised, Hail damaged, cracked, missing , Missing aggregate, cracked air hawks.
Gaps around vents, gaps around plumbing pipe jacks, gaps around pluming pipe jack flashing.
When we do extensive repairs we clean all the leaves and trash from your rain gutters for free.
Call today to experience Katy, Texas most reliable and trustworthy master roofers roofing companies in Katy. Texas 77449. 

Expert roof  maintenance technician techniques by our elite master roofers.

Our knowledgeable veteran employees have no less than 30 years experience in ever aspect of superior workmanship.
Which is why we guarantee our work with a 7 year workmanship warrant certificate when we replace your entire roof.

We use our superior services expert techniques for all the services we provide. We proceed carefully with the preparation process and installation process. Our veteran employees take every precaution to ensure that all the homeowners possessions are treated as if they where our own. We replace everything that needs to be replaced in a superior workmanship manor. With as little inconvenience to the homeowner as possible. Our roofers pull out the popped up nails. re-nail and seal all the tabs to ensure the shingles wont blow of in a wind storm. We also seal all the tabs on all others that are loose. We fill any voids we find with Henry's life time sealant to ensure our installation will last long than the normal life expectancy of your homes roof. When your looking for the best for less. We have the capability  to get the job done right the first time by the most trusted and knowledgeable Shingle Master Roofing in Katy Texas. No Excuses! - Just Results! 

Shingle Master Roofing code of honor.

We prevent future roof shingles roof leaks as well as permanently fixing the current roof leaks professionals. 

 Shingle Master Roofing was established to fulfill the need for superior roof maintenance by our veteran roofers with no less than 30 years of experience.
They have the expertise to perform Katy's best expert services at a very low price. Backed by the best 7 year workmanship warranty and customer service in the industry. When replacing all broken or water damaged or termite damaged roof rafter we use a number 2 grade of lumber. Which is far stronger than the standard building code guidelines which is less likely to sag over time. We also use the proper size 2" x 8" rafter as well as the length to match the other existing rafter dimensions. ​

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