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 Shingle Master Roofing did an excellent roof placement on my home at a very reasonable price. If you want the best Roof Contractor Roofing replacement Roofers you should call them for roof replacement or roof repair and save yourself a lot of frustration and money.

Patricia Davidson


I was impressed by the quality of all the roofers and roofing materials used on my roof. They are the best Roofing Contractor as all their roofers are veteran roofers with no less than 25 years of roofing experience. They did a perfect roof repairs job. I highly recommend them to everyone I know in Katy, Sugarland, Cypress or Houston Texas.

Walter Leonard


I could not be happier with the roof repairs Roof Shingle Roofing  did on my home. They where so thorough with the Roofing Repairs and they even did more roof repairs than the estimate called for and did not charge anything more for the extra roof repair work they did. I recommend them the best Roofing Contractor Roofers for all your roofing repairs, roof repair, roof repairs or shingle repair needs in Katy, Texas 77449.

Brenda Hayes


Shingle Master Roofing was the only Roofing Contractor that would replace everything on my roof for less money than the other Roof Contractors or Shingle Contractors. If you want the best roofing roofers you need to call them to get the most for your money and save a lot of yourself a lot of headaches and money in the long run.

Paul Christian


I hired Roof Shingle Roofing to replace my entire roof of my home that was a perfect roof replacement. They Roofers where polite, fast, very knowledgeable and where very careful not to damage any of my other property in the process. They did an awesome job as they where in and out in one day. I recommend them to everyone I know that need roof repair, roof repairs, roofing repairs or a professional roofing replacement on their homes roof in or around Katy, Texas.

Jennifer Fields


I had my roof repaired by 3 different roofing contractors and no one could fix my roof leaks until I hired Shingle Master Roofing to repair my roof leaks. Their roofers where on time, very thorough. They fixed all my roof leaks and areas on my roof that needed shingle repair, roofing repair that would been future roof leaks. I have recommended them to 4 of my friends and they where all very pleased with the quality of work on Roof replacement or roofing replacement they had done on the roof of their home.

Emma Brown


If your looking for the best shingle contractor or roofing contractor in Katy, Texas call Shingle Master roofing. I can assure you they are the best money can buy and for thousands less on the roofing replacement they did on my homes roof. Shingle Master Roofing is the best all around roof contractor roofers in Katy, Texas.

 Alice Hanes


Roof Shingle Roofing are true Roofing Contractor professionals using highly skilled roofers with the best materials at the best price. That's a fact. I highly recommend Roof Shingle Roofing for roof replacement, roofing replacement or roof repair for all your roofing roofer needs in Katy, Texas and surrounding cities.

Alyssa Masters


Shingle Master Roofing did a re-roof on my home 5 years ago due to hail damage. The roofing replacement work was far superior compared to the other roof contractors that did my brothers and fathers roof prior to my roof being replaced. They have both had continual roof leaks since their roofs where replaced. Shingle Master Roofing roofers fixed their roof leaks too and they have not leaked since. I have never had any problems with my new roof of which was thousands less and they used better roofing materials. Call them if your looking for the best quality for less cost to you 713-628-4511.

Carl Weston

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 Roof Shingle Roofing did a complete shingle replacement on my home last week. I got 4 other bids from shingle contractors that where all higher priced and did not include all the items Roof Shingle Roofing replaced for far less money. They used the best materials money can buy and included a 7 year workmanship warranty. The other roofing contractors only had a 2 year workmanship warranty.  Shingle Master Roofing is the best roofer roof contractor in the roofing business.

Rick Hayes

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I employed the amazing Roof Contractor Roof Shingle Roofing roofers to install a total roofing replacement on my homes roof. The work their roofers did was fabulous. My yard, driveway and walks where cleaner than before they came. Roof Shingle Roofing price was almost $1,000.00 less then the other roofing contractors I got estimates from. Roof Shingle Roofing was the only roofing contractor that included replacing everything.  I highly recommend Roof Shingle Roofing to anyone that want the best for less.

Christine Maurer

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I have never done a review for any company before as this is the first time I was extremely pleased with the roof replacement that was performed on my homes roof. I was a shingle contractor before I retired. I hired Shingle Master Roofing because they where the only roofing contractor that could answer all my questions properly of the 4 roofing contractors I got estimates from. The price was $1,800 less than the other bids and used better materials. Mr Hoover was on the job all day and supervised all the work in progress.

Leo Vasquez 


I was referred to Roof Shingle Roofing by my neighbor because he was amazed how low their price was. How they used the best roofing materials and their workmanship was the best he had ever seen. I had Roof Shingle Roofing roofers install a new roof total roof replacement on my house and I have to agree that they are the best roof replacement roof contractor to hire for a perfect job results in Katy or near by towns.

Howard Smith

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Shingle Master Roofing performed exceptional roof repairs, shingle repairs, roofing repairs and some roof deck replacement on my homes roof after we had a bad high winds rain storm that damaged my roof in a lot of area's. Shingle Master Roofing did an amazing roofer job matching the existing shingles on my homes roof. I highly recommend them to anyone that wants a roof replacement or roofing repairs professionally done to their homes roof.

Joe Brown

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I employed Roof Shingle Roofing for multiple roof leak repairs that need to be done to my roof. I was impressed how professional, polite and considerate all their roofers where as they performed all my roofing repairs and shingle repair on my home. Roof Shingle Roofing is your best bet for a roof contractor that is dedicated to perfection at a most reasonable price. Forget the rest and call the best at Roof Shingle Roofing at 713-628-4511.

Tom Swartz

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Randy the owner is great to deal with,I think over 30 years in the biz helps. He's one of the few guys that will not only come out for a free estimat, but during the visit he tellsyou like it is. Good or bad. He doseen't have a goal of replacing every roof. He's told some neighbors of mine that a few simple repairsis all that was needed. And he cares about his clients. I've heard he does lots of little extra things thay no one else does or if they do they charge you. He builds his biz on referrals. And he knows you won't refer him unless he does you right. 5+ STARS.

David Everest

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Incredible speed. I called them and they where able to came out the next day. Very quick and honest roofing work. Owner, Randy is very understanding and respectful of your time. I give them the best, a 5 star rating. 


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Fantastic job, I was very pleased with their punctuality, fast & friendly service and quality work. 

Alyssa Williams

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