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Easy Flood restoration for the do it yourself folks.

Flood restoration made simple for the do it yourself folks.

.1.) Remove all salvageable items from your home such as clothes, wood furniture, counter tops, fixtures, cabinets,
      hardware, mirrors, kitchen utensils, appliances etc. Rent a dumpster to dispose of all your toxic waste such as 
      moldy  drywall, cabinets , doors, insulation, furniture, etc. Check your local city court house for building codes and
      required inspections. You will need to open all the window and doors before starting this process along with 
      proper eye ware, gloves, mask, clothing and shoes which can be found at Grangers on line and in their stores.
 2.) If the water inside your home was several inches to 12" deep you will need to replace the bottom 4' of drywall 
      and insulation. If the water was present for several weeks and the mold and mildew is present on the walls and 
      ceiling you will need to remove all the drywall and insulation on all the walls and ceiling. To cut the drywall at 
      the 4 ' level you can use a skill saw with the blade set at 5/8" deep and 4' 1/2" from the floor for the drywall 

  3.) You will need to use full strength store bought bleach on all the wood framing in the house, attic, crawl space 
       and all other wall cavities and raw wood including the floors, walls ,ceiling joist and roof decking with a
       paint sprayer or bug sprayer until the wood is saturated with bleach. If the mold and mildew persist you may
       need to use a second application in those area's. Be sure to open the doors and windows prior to applying 
       bleach and wearing the mask , eye ware, gloves and clothing from Grangers. You may need to rent a 
       dehumidifier to bring the moisture level in the wood to less than 10% prior to installing new insulation and
       drywall. if the  moisture level needs to drop to near 10% after 4- 5 days of leaving the windows open during the
       day and running the dehumidifier at night or as long as it takes to get near 10%. make sure you turn the 
       main breaker off before the bleaching process.

 4.) If the water level reached any electrical plugs and switches they will need to be replaced along  with any
      electrical wiring that was submerged in flood water. Inspect the wire where connected to the plug or switch
      for corrosion. Cut the corroded portion off as to have enough wire to hook up the new plug or switch.

 5.) The furnace, air ducts, boxes and grills will need to be cleaned with bleach if they are metal or replaced if they
       are not.

 6.) Turn the water on the house to check for water pipe leaks and drain leaks prior to installing new insulation ,
      drywall or paneling.

 7.) After all your mechanicals repairs are made you will be ready for insulation and drywall after all required
      framing, electrical, plumbing and heating have passed inspection.

 8.) 5/8' Drywall installation on ceilings.
      Drywall needs to be installed on the ceilings first with the drywall installed across the ceiling joist and not
      parallel to the ceiling joist. start in the corner.
      You can use a 2 x 4 with a 6" wood block attached to the top to be used as props to hold the drywall in place
      so you can nail the corner with drywall nails followed by drywall screws applied with a screw gun or drill 8'
      apart. Drywall screws do the best job as they do not break the drywall's inside layer.
      Stagger your drywall sheets so the ends do not end up in the same place.

      1/2" drywall installation on the walls.
      The first sheet of drywall needs to be started in the corner 1/2" from the floor with the end joints staggered
      so there is not a straight line crack from ceiling to floor.
      To mark the electrical boxes on the back of the drywall you can mark the box by putting caulking on the
      edge of the electrical box and pressing the drywall to the box to make an outline of the electrical so you
      you can cut the proper size hole or you can tap the drywall with a rubber mallet to make the indention on the 
      back side of the drywall.
      Nail the corners of the drywall followed by drywall screws 8" apart.

 9.) Taping, floating and skimming of drywall seams, nail and screws.
      There are 2 types of drywall tape, paper tape and fiberglass tape.
      Prepare the drywall mud for application by whipping it up with a mixing adapter on your drill.
      Add Ivory liquid to the drywall mud until it becomes a creamy foam which will make the application
      easier with less sanding or raging between coats.
      Apply a thin layer of drywall mud to the drywall seams, nail holes and screw holes followed by drywall tape
      over the seams and pushed in to place with a 6' drywall knife. Let this dry for 1 day or until it is completely
      dry. You will need to apply 2 skim coats after each coat is dry and sanded.

 10.) Repair or replace your roof damage prior to the restoration process.

 11.) For interior or exterior door replacement refer to our blog posting of easy door replacement.

  I have done flood restoration with my own two hands and it is a lot of hard work. The bleaching,
    mold and mildew are very toxic and can be deadly, so use proper respirators and attire. You basically
    need to wear a has mate suite.

  I wrote this blog posting in regards to the web traffic from New Jersey and surrounding area's searching
  for home repairs answers.

  I look forward to answering any question you may have in regards to the restoration process or how to
  do it.

  My name is Randal Hoover and you can feel free to call me at 713-628-4511. I am more than willing to
  give you the free advice to the do it yourself folks so you can restore your house to your home again,

  God bless and may the force be with you.